Growing Up With Larry  Character Achievement Series Information

The Growing Up With Larry Character Achievement Series is an educational series for children to learn values by seeing their story peers making decisions and needing to face their consequences. It's in an educational, fun-filled, interactive, digital, PDF, story coloring book design. There are 100 books and the stories demonstrate life's natural consequences and acceptable solutions for decisions. There are over 10,000 illustrations of characters with background scenes and exchanges of dialogue. Each of the 100 books intertwine fun-filled entertaining stories with character building traits, personal values and social skills. The themes are fun trips, school events, sports activities, functions, excursions, projects, experiences and all the typical real life situations Larry and his friends encounter. “Knowledge is power.” Children can use the tools to learn to respect themselves and others, develop self-confidence, independence and accept responsibility for their actions. They can attain a higher level of maturity by developing their integrity and have less problems becoming self-reliant. They can learn to be honest and keep their promises, commitments and obligations. They can also learn to use sound judgment and become more aware of themselves and their surroundings. Every child has the opportunity to have the elements of character, personal values and social skills demonstrated to them with the stories. This can give them a foundation to build their character upon. These books can supply the tools to unlock the knowledge to succeed in life. Each story contains 10 or more “Words of Wisdom and Expressions”used in the exchanges of dialogue. They are wise sayings, proverbs, axioms, idioms and cliches. They all have understandable definitions. These are expressions children often hear, but do not understand. "Leaders are made, not born." The “Story Review” for each book contains a list of questions, essays, objectives and learning experiences. The series model is to develop concepts and skills with subject, learner and problem centered design.

Character Achievement Series Parent's Questionnaire

Is character destiny? Is knowledge power? Do you believe your children’s character will affect their future? Do you think your children would be better equipped to make important decisions about their education and future if they learned character values and social skills? Do you want your children to escape mediocrity? Do you believe in your child’s future? Do you want to know you did your best? Have you asked yourself, what more can I do? Do you want to provide your children with tools that can help build their character? Do you want to feel secure knowing your children learn character values to help build their character? Did you know the average parent spends only seven minutes per day with an individual child? Did you know the average parent doesn’t have or isn’t able to spend enough time with their children to overcome the influences of television, undesirable peers and situations they encounter on a daily basis? Learning the benefits from the stories as a peer can help them. Did you know children and parents have barriers between them? Could you use help explaining and defining these character values and social skills? Do you wish you had more time to help your children learn and appreciate the importance of good character? Do you ever feel like your children aren’t really listening or learning what you’re trying to teach them? Have you ever noticed that your children have learned beliefs or values from their peers? Do you ever feel like you can’t communicate effectively with your children? Do your children ever become bored or tired of listening when you try to explain things to them? No matter which path your children decide to take when they grow up, will you know within your heart and mind that you did everything you could, to provide them with the tools they needed to build their character? Your answer to this question is the Growing Up With Larry Character Achievement series, that helps develop resilience in the face of adversity and gives a sense of self-efficacy, so they can lead a successful, productive life. The usefulness from the stories in this series are like the building blocks of character. The principles learned can serve your children as a foundation for their beliefs and behavior. What is your children’s future worth to you? Don’t you think that providing these books to them is an excellent value that’s worth the selfless act of investment, to help them and you?